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Naperville to Implement “Smart” Water Meters in 2021


The Dangers of 5G to Children’s Health


Hacking a Smart Meter and Killing the Grid

Recent Court Ruling on Smart Meter Privacy Invasions Was Based on False Premise of “Benefits”

Security Risks and Technology Obsolescence Reduce Smart Meter Expected Lifetimes

Smart Meter Data Collection is a “Search,” but Court Allows Anyway

Federal Court Rules against Consumers on Smart Meters and Privacy Rights

Nicor Gas Begins Deployment of Smart Meter Radio Modules in Northern Illinois

Future Hack Scenario: Disrupting a Country through Its Smart Meters

France: No Legal Basis for Smart Meter Data Collection without Valid Consent

Smart Meters Enable Ongoing Surveillance of Residents


Questions Remain Regarding Investigation by Authorities for 2016 Deadly Fire Linked to Utility Meter

Smart Meters Slow Hurricane Recovery Efforts

Smart Meter Cyber Attacks: “A Clear and Present Danger”

‘Subhourly Smart Meter Data Raises Privacy and Safety Concerns’, According to Paper Referenced by Industry Proponents in Legal Brief

Government “Searches” Conducted Using Smart Meters Considered “Reasonable” by Industry Proponents

Smart Meters: “A Surveillance-capable Infrastructure”

Dr. Samuel Milham: “Smart meters are a public health hazard.”

Deflating the Propaganda Argument on How Smart Meter Opt-Outs Shift Extra Costs to Ratepayers

Secure Your Family from Cyber Threats with an Analog Meter, Says Michigan State Senator

Expert Testimony on Smart Meters/Grid: “Retain analog systems to the extent possible.”

CIA Looks to Spy on Private Lives through “Smart” Devices

The Law is Clear: Details of the Home Are Entitled to the Utmost Fourth Amendment Protection

Advocacy Groups Raise Concerns about Privacy Implications of Smart Meter Data in Newly Filed Brief

Privacy Advocacy Groups Submit Amicus Brief Opposing Smart Meter Fourth Amendment Violations

Smart Meter Data Analysis Enables Consumer Profiling with “Alarmingly High Accuracy”

Naperville Smart Meter Awareness Group Appeals to Higher Court on Fourth Amendment Violations

We’re Being “Hunted” by Smart Meters and the Internet of Things

Smart Meter Deployments Result in a Cyber Attack Surface of “Unprecedented Scale”

Smart Meters Force People to Reduce Consumption and Pay Higher Prices


Naperville Group Appeals Smart Meter Ruling to Higher Court

Health Risks Associated with Smart Meter Wireless Emissions

The Hype Surrounding 5G and Connecting “Everything” Wirelessly

Extension Likely Coming Soon for ComEd Customers ‘Deferring’ Smart Meter Installations

Protecting Ourselves and our Families from Radiofrequency Radiation

How the Smart Meter ‘Remote Disconnect’ Can Cause Fires

Utilities Intimidate and Browbeat Customers on Smart Meter Refusals

Smart Meters Should Do No Harm

Chicago Suburb Formally Requests Permanent Smart Meter Refusal Option from ComEd

Smart Meter Deployments: Based upon Biased and False Assumptions for Providing Eco-Feedback to Consumers (Part 2)

Assessing the Prevalence of Bias in Studies Showing Savings Linked to Energy Consumption Feedback (Part 1)

Smart Meter Enabled Demand Charges: “No Way to Live”

Radiofrequency Radiation Boosts Cancer Rates in Animals, According to Federal Government Study

Smart Meter Remote Disconnect: An ‘Unnecessary Risk’ for Significant Damage to the Grid

Occasional Catastrophic Digital Meter Failures ‘Worth the Risk’, According to Industry Executive

Increased Knowledge of ‘Smart’ Meters Leads to Unfavorable Views, According to Study

Little Justification for ‘Smart’ Meters Unless to Serve as a “Crude and Heavy-Handed Price Mechanism” to Change Behavior

Illinois Attorney General Issues Consumer Alert on ‘Smart’ Meters

Smart Meters: An Example of Surveillance Capitalism

Questions Remain Unanswered Regarding Potential Health Effects Related to Smart Grid Technologies

The “Smart” Dryer and TOU Rates: A Stupid Idea on So Many Levels

Smart Meter Surveillance, Spying, and Generating “Insights”

“A smarter grid could actually become a less safe grid,” from Discover Magazine

‘Smart’ Water Meters Not Economically Justified for Use in Naperville, According to City Director

Vast Majority of Consumers Suffer Financial “Net Loss” with Smart Meters

TEDx Talk: “Wireless Wake-Up Call” 

Consumers Resist Being “Systematically Controlled” by ‘Smart’ Meters

Families Punished by ‘Smart’ Meters and TOU Rates, Recent Study Confirms

‘Smart’ Meter Deployments Are a First Step to Limit Global Temperature Rise, Says the U. S. Department of State 

Tips on How to Save Energy and Money without a ‘Smart’ Meter

Maine Supreme Court Affirms Judgment for Smart Meters Being ‘Safe Enough’ 

Smart’ Meters Being Deployed without Transparency or Necessary Public Debate

Analyzing Your Smart Meter Data Leads to Big Profits for the Utilities

Federal Government Wants a Smart Meter “on EVERY home and business in the country.”

Puppet Attack: Newly Discovered Cyber Threat for Smart Meters

‘Smart’ Meters Represent Industrial Profiteering and Government Sanctioned Surveillance, According to Study

CDC June 2014 Guidance: “We recommend caution in cellphone use.” … and the Story behind the Backtracking.


‘Smart’ Meters Generate a ‘Gold Mine of Data’ for Utilities

Investigation: US power grid and ‘smart’ meters vulnerable to hacks

Smart Meters: ‘Easy Targets’ for Hackers and ‘Malicious Network Traffic’ within the Electric Grid, Reveals Latest Research Study

Published Law Analysis: Smart Meter ‘opt out mechanisms should be offered to consumers’ so they can ‘exercise their privacy and data protection rights’

Smart Meter Privacy Risks ‘Likely to Provoke Opposition,’ Reveals Latest Research Study

Climate Change, ‘Smart’ Meters, and Giant Flying Boulders

‘Smart’ Meters are ‘Guilt Meters’ and an Example of a ‘Fraudulent, Bogus Innovation’

From India: Smart Meter Cyber Attacks ‘Could Bring the Country Down to its Knees’ 

The Role of Consumer Watchdog Groups in Protecting Consumers from Abusive ‘Smart’ Meters

Suzanne Somers Warns about ‘Smart’ Meters as a Toxic Threat 

New Itron OpenWay Riva ‘Smart’ Meters Combine RF Mesh, PLC and Wi-Fi Communications and Poll Data Once per Second.

Utility Industry RF Safety Expert: Utilities need an opt-out strategy for customers who can’t tolerate a ‘smart’ meter on their house.

‘Catastrophic’ Failures Expected with ‘Smart’ Meters 

Oral Arguments to be Heard this Week by Maine Supreme Court in Smart Meter Case

GAO: Hacking ‘smart’ meters can disrupt the electricity grid and FERC not monitoring compliance with ‘voluntary’ standards

Congressional Testimony: ‘Smart’ meters have a life of 5 to 7 years.

Are you ready to buy a self-sacrificing Autonomous Vehicle (AV)?

‘Take your smart meters and shove’em’ Say Johannesburg Residents

Universal Deployment of Smart Meters May Be Unnecessary in New York to Support REV Mandates

Smart Meters Not Necessary to Modernize the Electric Grid Says a Major U.S. Utility

Michigan Bipartisan Legislation Would Give Consumers a Choice on Smart Meters

Consumer Reports Issues ‘Common-Sense Precautions’ for Cell Phone Use

Elected Official Speaks of ‘Unfounded Worries’ over Smart Meters and Dismisses Concerned Consumers as ‘Charlatans’

Smart Meters ‘Wide Open’ to Cyber Attack That Can Cause ‘Havoc’ Says Hacking Expert

Smart meters giving Victorian consumers ‘no benefit’ on electricity bills, auditor-general says

Congressional Hearing: Smart Meters Present Vulnerabilities to the Grid Due to “Smart Technology” and “Lots of Access Points”

Consumers and Environment Unlikely to Benefit from Smart Meters, Confirms Latest Research

Customers are ‘deemed to have consented’ to smart meter privacy invasions due to continued usage of electricity says Federal Judge

President Obama Touts ‘Smart Meters’ at Clean Energy Summit

A Message to Public Schools and Public Libraries about Wireless Devices

‘Dragnet’ Data Collections by Smart Meters and an ‘Infrastructure of Surveillance’

Governments Planning to Use Smart Meters for the Collection of “Population Statistics”

“The consequences of deploying bad stuff [smart meters] are dire.”

Study Suggests Wireless Devices Linked to Many Health Risks

Smart City/Grid Technocrat Philosophy on Life: “If you are going to travel, travel now.”

Utilities Remove Burned Smart Meter Evidence from Fire Scenes

When Water Gets Inside Smart Meters, “All Bets Are Off.”

Smart Meter Time Varying Pricing Can Lead to “Catastrophic Consequences” for the Grid

Smart meter “issues are of great concern, not just locally, but also nationally and internationally,” cautions Judge

Insanity: Turning Smart Meters into a Supercomputer Platform

Smart Meter Propaganda and “Free Ice Cream” for the Children

Orwellian Future: ‘Smart Cities’ Will Know Everything About You

Smart Meters Put Grid Security at Risk

‘Smart meters are capable of capturing discrete details of behavior’ says Federal Judge; however…

Don’t Waste Money on Energy Efficiency Upgrades, According to Study

UK’s Controversial Smart Meter Scheme Loses Program Chair as the Ship Continues to Sink

NLRB Case Files and Judge’s Decision Confirm Smart Meter Fires

Utility Industry Aware of Safety and Accuracy Issues with Digital Meters for Years

FCC: ‘Prime Example of Institutional Corruption’

Naperville Smart Meter Lawsuit Due Back in Federal Court

U.S. Power Grid Being Hit With ‘Increasing’ Hacking Attacks as Smart Meter Deployments Continue

Fighting Smart Meters Requires More Effective Engagement with Politicians

Privacy is a ‘Cause for Concern’ with Smart Meters

Safety Authority Rules Ontario Smart Meter Explosion and ‘Ball of Fire’ Not Caused by Smart Meter

A Critical Review of the ComEd Radiofrequency ‘Fact Sheet’

Update on Last Week’s Ontario Smart Meter Fire: “Next time we might not be so lucky.”

Smart Meters May Not Be Part of New York’s Electric Grid Vision

Doublespeak: Chicago Suburb Claims Smart Water Meters Don’t Overcharge. “They Misrecord.”

Updated: Homeowner’s Vivid Account of Smart Meter Explosion in Ontario plus Initial Government Reaction

‘Ball of Fire’ from Smart Meter Explosion

Regional District in BC Canada Calls for Immediate Rollback of Smart Meters

Smart Meters Don’t Make a Smart or Wise Grid

Utilities ‘Very Excited’ about Mining Smart Meter Data and Invading Your Privacy

Hundreds of Thousands of Smart Meter Billing Issues in the U.K.

Court Appeal to Maine Regulator’s Decision that Smart Meters Are ‘Safe Enough’

“Smart Meters Are Not the Silver Bullet Many Seem to Think”

Indiana Regulators Reject Smart Meters for Duke Energy

Scientists Submit Appeal for Protection from EMF Exposures and Wireless Technologies

Increased Risk of Smart Meter Fires Remains despite Receiving ‘Passing Grade’ for Nevada Test Samples

Michigan Court Orders Justification of Smart Meter Refusal Fees

Smart Cities: Called “Smart” and Condemning Others as Stupid

Customer Calls, Not Smart Meters, Still Primary Source of Power Outage Notification for Utilities

Smart Cities: Wide Open to Cyber Attacks, Civilization Threatening Events and other Unintended Consequences

Consumer Organizations’ Grave Concerns on Smart Meters Ignored

Smart Meter Refusal Fee Rescinded in Arizona

Why Installing Smart Meters May Not Be So Smart

Smart Grid Vision Haunted by Challenges

Concerns in Arizona over Smart Meter Hacking

Fort Collins, Colorado Provides Consumer Choice on Smart Meter Privacy Invasions

We Have a “Totally Vulnerable” Electric Grid Infrastructure

LA County Firefighters Local 1014 Fighting Cell Towers

Smart Meters Spiral Out of Control and “Livin’ on a Prayer”

RF Fields Promote Tumors Below Human Exposure Limits

Ontario Smart Meter Fiasco Wins Government “Waste Award”

The Rise of the Technocrats and Can They Be Stopped

Smart Meters Are Not Secured

How Smart Water Meters Invade Privacy

Naperville Smart Meter Opponent Files Federal Lawsuit

“Cell Phones Cause Cancer,” said Jimmy Gonzalez (1972-2014)


Cyber Hackers Can Now “Harm Human Life” Through Smart Meters

Silver Spring Networks Has a “Problem”

“Utility Smart Meters Are Safe” … from the “Ministry of Truth”

Smart Meter Rollout a Waste of Money, According to Study

‘Smart’ Meters Have Failed and Were a Dumb Investment

San Antonio Townhome Locks Utility Meter Boxes to Prevent Smart Meter Installations

Published Article: Symptom Development from Exposure to Wireless Smart Meters

Arizona Smart Meters Not Established as Safe

SaskPower Smart Meters Catch Fire When It Rains

Smart Meter “Concern May Be Warranted” Advises the City of Warrenville, Illinois Environmental Advisory Commission

Green Electricity or Green Money?

Smart Meter Privacy Invasions Are Not Justified in a Democratic Society

Smart Meter Failures a ‘Catastrophe’ in Saskatchewan

Countering Smart Meter Industry Propaganda

Clearing Up ComEd Misinformation on Smart Meter Emissions

Illinois Commerce Commission Mistreats Consumers Refusing Smart Meters

“Why Privacy Matters” by Glenn Greenwald

Analog Meters Withstand “Hot Sockets” Better Than Smart Meters

Utilities Can Monitor Home Occupancy Using Smart Meters

Smart Meters Can Be Hacked to Order a Power Blackout

Ralph Nader’s Viewpoint on Smart Meters: A “Step Toward Technological Despotism”

Smart Meter Fires Spread to Nevada: “Be Very Aware, Very Vigilant” Says Fire Chief

“Microwaves, Science and Lies” Documentary Reveals a Product Defense Strategy

Domino Effect: More Smart Meters Being Replaced Due to Fires

Updated Report on How Smart Meters Invade Privacy

Are Cell Tower RF Emissions Something to Worry About?

ComEd’s “Smart” Ice Cream Flavors Revealed

How to Attack a Smart Meter

Smart Meters Increase the Risk of Fires!

Turning Off the Lights on Privacy and Health in a World with Few “Opt-Outs”

Fires Prompt Saskatchewan Government in Canada to Order Removal of 105,000 Smart Meters

Opposition Building against Cell Towers at Naperville District 203 Schools

Questions to Ask about Wireless Smart Meters

“You Might Have a Base Station on Every House”

Australian Media Reports on Wi-Fi Risks

When Will the Smart Meter Insanity End?

Naperville School District 203 Considers Leases for Cell Tower Installations

When Smart Meters Get Hacked: The Nightmare Scenario

Launch of the “BabySafe Project”

Smart Meter Privacy Invasion ALERT

Urgent Need for Smart Meter Health and Safety Legislation

“Searching for a Golden Cage” … A Short Film About EHS

Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) Awareness Month

A Call for Organizations to Join EHS Legal Briefs

Mayor Makes Appeal to the Conscience of Legislators on Smart Meters

Worcester, MA City Council Committee Requests “Smart Grid” Delay

“Smart Meter Backlash … Catching on Everywhere”

The Health Argument Against Wireless Smart Meters

Nine Reasons Why Today’s Smart Meter Systems Are a Mistake

“Consistent Failure to Identify the Potential for Health Effects”

Maine PUC Examiners’ Report Fails to Resolve Smart Meter Health and Safety Concerns

Canadian “Expert” Panel Presents Disappointing and Biased Review of Current RF Exposure Limits

Maine Releases Seriously Flawed and Biased Report on Smart Meter Health and Safety Issues

U.S. Department of Interior Declares FCC Exposure Standards “Out of Date and Inapplicable”

The Smart Meter Canard

Hawaii House Resolution Offered for Smart Meter Moratorium

Smart Meter Consumer Awareness Video

California Municipal Utility (“SMUD”) Is a Public Nuisance

Dr. Karl Maret Discusses Smart Meter Potential Health Effects

Privacy Invasions, Smart Meters, and the Internet of Things

New and Definitive Report: Smart Meters Do Invade Privacy

A Review of the Smart Meter “No Credible Evidence” Health Effects Controversy

Smart Meter “Malfunction” Causes Pennsylvania Apartment Building Fire

Major U.S. Utility Says “No Rational Basis” for Mandating Smart Meters

Utilities Conceal Electrical Grid Vulnerability from the Public

Cellphones Are Safe … Says UK Study?

Should People Be Allowed to Drive Cars?

U.S. Proceeding with Mandatory Wireless ‘Vehicle to Vehicle’ Communications

State of Washington Presents Biased and Flawed View of Wi-Fi Safety in Schools

ComEd Smart Meter Refusals/ Deferrals … $21.53 per month

A Critical Review of Smart Grid Industry Comparisons of Cell Phones with Smart Meters

EMF Health Tragedy Unfolding Due to a Biased Establishment

Examples of Smart Grid Misinformation and Propaganda from California

The Dogma of the Thermal Paradigm

Smart Meter Issues Heating Up in Massachusetts

ComEd Compares Smart Meters to Baby Monitors

Recent Massive Cyber Attack Involved a “Smart” Fridge

Opting Out of the New Utility “Smart” Meters is a Healthier Choice

Symptoms Resulting from Exposure to Smart Meters

Rebuttal to Texas Smart Meter Health Report

Censored News Story for 2013 #14: “Wireless Technology a Looming Health Crisis”

Wi-Fi Radiation Induces “Diabetic-Like Status” in Rats


Cell Towers Placed Directly on School Grounds? Are You Serious?

Technical Aspects of Electromagnetic Radiation

Public Survey Results on Smart Meters: Favorable or Unfavorable Depending on Your Data Analysis

Radiofrequency (RF) Fields: Possibly, Probably, or Definitely Carcinogenic — The Evidence Mounts Toward the Latter.

No Hidden People Allowed in the New Digital Age

Oregon Municipal Utility Board Votes for “Opt-In” Approach to Smart Meters

Google-owned Motorola Wants to Tattoo a Smartphone Microphone onto Your Neck

The AAEM States “The Evidence is Irrefutable.” Smart Meters Correlate with Adverse Health Effects. … Call for Moratorium.

Doctor Reports That Wireless Smart Meters Can Cause Illness

Next “Casualty Catastrophe” Could Be Cell Phones

New Battle Looms in Naperville over Smart WATER Meters

Smart Meter Reports That Naperville Home May Be Vulnerable to Weekend Burglary

French Health Agency Issues Recommendations to Limit RF Exposure

Naperville Fails to Consider Privacy Interests of Residents during Smart Grid Implementation

On Smart Meters: “The Public Is Free to Have Whatever Concerns It Would Have.”

Naperville Smart Meters Keep Track of Household Activities

No Smart Meter Opt Out Fee for Memphis MLGW Customers

Smart Grid Cyber Security in a State of Chaos and Deteriorating

Google’s “Creepy Line” and NSA Project “Perfect Citizen”

Will the Middle Class and the American Dream Survive?

Doctor Says “Why Take a Chance?” with RF Exposure

Would You Want to Live in this Smart Meter Home?

“Take Back Your Power” Film Leads to Backlash by Smart Grid Advocates

No Studies Conclude that Wireless Smart Meters Are Safe

“Cell Phones and Wi-Fi — Are Children, Fetuses, and Fertility at Risk”?

Smart Meter Safety Concerns — Risk of Fire!

CFLs, Smart Appliances, and Even Occupancy Sensors Are Good for You? … At What Cost?

The “Smart” Grid Is Not Smart, Safe, or Green

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Bias: “Nothing to See Here!”

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Is Real

Doctor Forecasts Possible EHS Disaster of the 21st century

Replication of Heart Rate Provocation Study for Cordless Phones

An Indicator for the “Agenda” Behind Agenda 21 and Sustainability

Impacts of RF and EMF Radiation Emissions on the Biosphere

Advice on How to Reduce RF Exposure from Wi-Fi, Smart Meters, and Other Wireless Devices

Texas Utility Commission Staff Accuses Smart Meter Opponents with “Negative Bias” … Maybe They Should Look in the Mirror.

Smart Meter Advocates, Cognitive Bias, and the “Semmelweis Effect”

Sedona Supports Community-Wide Smart Meter Opt-Out

Maryland Resident Claims Adverse Health Effects Due To Smart Meter Installation

New Report Details “Growing Battle Over Smart Meters”

New Report – Smart Grid More Vulnerable to Remote Cyber Attacks

Wireless Refugees: “Cell Phones, Wi-Fi Making Us Sick”

Do You Want This New World? … A Microwave House with No Privacy

New Report on Possible Biological Effects from Smart Meters and Appliances

Smart Meter Transmission Frequency Claims – “Misinformation” or “Missing Information”?

Use Smart Appliances with Extreme Caution

Smart Grid Advocacy Group Disseminates Propaganda

Cyber Threat To Get Much Bigger With Smart Grid

Frequency of Smart Meter Emissions Higher than Pepco Claims

Smart Meter RF Emissions vs. Other Common Devices

Smart Grid Advocates: Biased and Insensitive

Evidence May Warrant Conclusion that RF Emissions Are a PROBABLE Human Carcinogen

Should Consumers Participate in Their Utility’s Smart-Meter Program?

Electromagnetic Fields and Health Risk