Smart Meter “Concern May Be Warranted” Advises the City of Warrenville, Illinois Environmental Advisory Commission

GE Smart MeterAccording to the Warrenville Environmental Advisory Commission (WEAC):

“Smart Meters … are coming to Warrenville …

There has been controversy over the non-ionizing RF-EMF radiation they give off.  Some concern may be warranted, though the risk is likely less than that of a cell phone.

People should be aware of the risk and not,  for instance, station a baby crib directly near where the meter is operating.

While the WEAC would like to make a true opt-out possible, the City does not have regulatory authority to do so. …

Most people will find the level of risk acceptable; for those who do not, call ComEd to ask to delay installation at (866) 368-8326.”

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SkyVision Solutions agrees with the City of Warrenville that a “true opt-out” is necessary for ComEd customers.  This website has previously reported on how the Illinois Commerce Commission is mistreating some Illinois consumers by allowing a true opt-out for downstate Ameren customers but only a temporary deferral for ComEd customers.  Refer to documentation on this disparate treatment at the link below:

—  Illinois Commerce Commission Mistreats Consumers Refusing Smart Meters

For other valuable information on ComEd, please refer to the following:

—  Clearing Up ComEd Misinformation on Smart Meter Emissions

—  ComEd Compares Smart Meters to Baby Monitors

—  ComEd Smart Meter Refusals/ Deferrals … $21.53 per month

To read the Warrenville Fall/Winter Newsletter which was the source information for this article, download here:   Warrenville Environmental Resource Fall 2014.

“It shall be the intent and purpose of the Environmental Advisory Commission to act as a resource and advocate to the City Council and the community at large to help develop educational and informational programs and materials that promote environmental awareness and behavior …”

Supplemental Background Information

According to minutes of a WEAC meeting from September 16, 2014, on the subject of smart meters being installed by Commonwealth Edison:

“[T]here is some reason for concern, commensurate with cell phone EMF, which has been linked to certain kinds of brain cancers and lesser effects.  [It was] recommended that there be a true opt-out for residents who are concerned, particularly about children who may be more susceptible to risk.

[R]isk is a personal choice with a wide range.  Some things are safe for most people but not for sensitive people.  [The WEAC Chairperson] pulled reports that try to explain risks to the public. People may agree on the number but disagree about acceptable risk.

They may choose to smoke or ride a motorcycle, but if someone makes the person take such a risk, most people will not want that.  Risk is not all about science; it is an ethical question, with whether or not forced to do something.

There was general agreement that ComEd should have given residents a choice, but because it’s being forced, [it] may be a problem.  Warrenville has no regulatory role with ComEd.  The Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) is the agency that regulates ComEd.  Mailings have started going out.  How to delay installation was left off the mailing.  Concerned residents can call and get on the delay list.

[It was] emphasized that just because the City has no regulatory authority over the installation of smart meters that does not mean the EAC should not educate people about potential risks.  The EAC can also let people know about real time metering because that is when it is environmentally beneficial.  [An article will be written] on smart meters.  [It] will include other helpful information such as not placing baby cribs near a smart meter.”

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