Climate Change, ‘Smart’ Meters, and Giant Flying Boulders

by K.T. Weaver, SkyVision Solutions

Climate Change Smart Meters and BouldersAt a time when negotiators from around the world gather in Paris to finalize an international “climate change” agreement, activists and political ideologues are using every possible opportunity to scare people into believing that the very existence of life on our planet is at stake.

Whether one views man-made climate change as real or not, and if so, whether mankind can do much about it, the fact is that the climate change talks in Paris have little to do with providing real solutions to environmental issues.

As stated in a POLITICO article [1] from November 29th:

“Somehow, the international process for addressing climate change has become one where addressing climate change is optional and apparently beside the point.  Rich countries are bidding against themselves to purchase the developing world’s signature on an agreement so they can declare victory — even though the agreement itself will be the only progress achieved.”

[The “sticking point” hinges on negotiations regarding] “climate finance.”  “Climate finance is the term for wealth transferred from developed to developing nations based on a vague and shifting set of rationales including repayment of the ‘ecological debt’ created by past emissions, ‘reparations’ for natural disasters, and funding of renewable energy initiatives.”

“But opposing such a transfer of wealth to developing countries would seem a rather uncontroversial position.  One can imagine how the polling might look on: ‘Should the United States fight climate change by giving billions of dollars per year to countries that make no binding commitments to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions?’  Certainly, President Obama has made no effort to even inform his constituents that such an arrangement is central to his climate agenda, let alone argue forcefully in favor of it.”

Mysterious BouldersThus, many climate activists and political ideologues are, in actuality, more interested in “wealth transfer” rather than working out a real solution to the issue of climate change to the extent that it exits.  They continue along with like-minded media “reporters,” to further propagate an apocalyptic narrative which is nothing more than a canard.  Take, for example, the recent Washington Post article [2], “Another danger of climate change: Giant flying boulders?,” where the reporter describes a “theory” formulated by the “father of global warming” that a mysterious boulder in the Bahamas was caused by a period of global warming in the past (when, by the way, there was no chance that mankind could have caused it).

Although this “theory” is not widely accepted by scientists, it was presented as the main theme for the article as evidence that “if this is true, the effort kicking off in Paris this week to hold the world’s nations to strict climate targets may be even more urgent than most people realize.”

If that were not enough, some politicians, including the President of the United States, have inferred that climate change causes terrorism [3] and that “next week’s climate change summit in Paris will be a ‘powerful rebuke’ to terrorists [4],” as if the terrorists care about the issue of climate change.

With that backdrop and the series of nearly delusional pronouncements mentioned above, the climate change narrative also continues into the realm of utility smart meters.  Recent news coverage and social media have included reports such as the following:

“Replace your old gas and electricity meters with natty new digital ones and you could be helping to tackle ‘the biggest single challenge that humankind has ever faced’ – global warming.” [5]

“A strong deal at COP21 gives business certainty to develop smart, efficient products from electric cars to smart meters.” [6]

The Paris climate change summit will conclude at the end of next week.  It aims to reach an international agreement on limiting emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that are contributing to global warming.  The main source of these emissions is the burning of fossil fuels – oil, coal and natural gas – that power industry, and heat and light our homes. …  The first change is that we are going to have to become a lot more energy-efficient at home and at work.  The less energy we use overall, the easier it will be to reduce our carbon emissions.  Consumers need better-insulated homes and smart meters to monitor their energy use.” [7]

President Obama 24 Aug 2015The above narrative is consistent with the statements of President Obama in August of this year when he touted smart meters [8] :

“Six years ago smart meters were pretty rare.   Today 60 million consumers have access to detailed information about how much energy we use, how we use it, when we use it.   So we can use that information to change our habits.  Use energy more efficiently.  Save more money without a whole lot of sacrifice.”

Of course, we have previously dealt with the issue of the President proposing that we “save money” using smart meters; this is unlikely, since under the President’s plan, “electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.”

In my previous article [9] from December 1, 2015, I mentioned that utility smart meters are effectively “guilt meters” where governments and colluding organizations are trying to coax consumers into cutting back on using “too much” energy.  They promote policies and investments that blame the consumer for wasting energy and at the same time prolong continued wasteful investments in low-tech solutions such as smart meters, weatherization programs, and subsidies for existing energy sources (that will never have a significant impact on the reduction of carbon emissions).

We have demonstrated over and over again that there are no net consumer benefits from smart meter deployments.  Once this is realized by the public, the last fallback position of technocrats and climate activists who support smart meters is to appeal to your sense of moral values and political inclinations to “save the planet.”  This strategy negates their need to justify the forced installation of smart meters based upon any rational or business case analysis.

It is my hope that the American people (and those from other countries as well) will not fall for the false narrative of somehow relating the climate change issue (or the Paris talks) to such things as smart meters and giant flying boulders.

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8 Responses to Climate Change, ‘Smart’ Meters, and Giant Flying Boulders

    Aid to Africa: donations from west mask ‘$60bn looting’ of continent
    UK and wealthy states revel in their generosity while allowing their companies to plunder Africa’s resources, say NGOs

    Western countries are using aid to Africa as a smokescreen to hide the “sustained looting” of the continent as it loses nearly $60bn a year through tax evasion, climate change mitigation, and the flight of profits earned by foreign multinational companies, a group of NGOs has claimed.

  2. Sarah Mitchell says:

    I am just overwhelmed, how can the United States Government allow such an atrocity to take place and on the backs of our future generations, and at the cost of all our health, this is a monster out of control, and if not stopped we will be looking at millions people losing their lives, but then maybe this is what their looking for, I can attest to the hundreds of people in Illinois and in Missouri having serious health issues, and all from these meters and transponders placed on utility poles right outside homes, these devices are spewing huge amounts of radiation, I have personally went around my neighborhood, and tested these transponders AKA small cell-towers, and the RF EMF are out the roof, just like the large cell-towers but in smaller version and right outside your door. Yes we are in a serious crisis, and our Government has given it their full blessing, and even borrowed from China to implement it, which is ironic since it’s China making these devices. I am afraid if the people don’t rise up against this violation against humanity soon, we will all be destroyed, by the powers that be.

    • Lea says:

      Sarah Why not do what we did, but on a larger scale, Why not get your neighbours to each install inside their service panels in two 15 amp circuits one unique, specific unit, an industrial grade frequency attenuator called a SINE TAMER. No this is not a plug for them just a rave by me,
      As a cancer conqueror who is ultra sensitive to frequencies, I swear by this.
      It itself carries no energy so it can share two 15 amp circuits that are already in use circuits.
      Do use an electrician, and have him double check that your house wiring is grounded properly, even though installation of this device is very easy once the power is shut off, but hire a pro in order to assure the 25 year warranty terms are met.
      Of course, one must go hard wired as well, since it also makes absolutely NO SENSE to continue to use ANY wireless device inside or outside any home and yet still expect to protect your health or privacy. This includes shutting off wifi in all newer appliances like fridges, stoves, washer/dryers, and far more per household.
      So why not use a hard wired modem, get rid of cell phones, and worse still, continuously radiating portable phones. Forget food destruction by microwave ovens,stop harming the vulnerable brains of infants by using baby monitors, toss all of this deadly junk that is chiming in to cause bio-electrical failure of your bodies. Then you will see a DRAMATIC change as your body ad brain begin to recover from the non stop assault.
      I spent a year searching for this, and I can attest that of all the suppressors out there making claims, this attenuator is the only one that does what it says it does.
      It is the ultimate smart meter suppressor but it also seems to tackle wireless from elsewhere that couples to energized home wiring.
      However, it offers much more since it is a sine wave tracking frequency attenuation (neutralization) device which has variable clamping which clamps down on all the pulses and surges introduced into every household by the smart grid, cell towers, collector hubs, range extenders, whether that home has a smart meter on it or not, Radar is radar, it is harming us all.
      UNite and neutralize as a community.
      If everyone living in the whole area wide network were to install this sine tamer frequency neutralizer, there would no longer any single frequency mass conversion of every single home into one single antenna which is what is making everyone sick, and worse,
      So why not foil this effect caused by “smart” sick making devices installed on some or all homes which forces all of them to operate at the same single damaging anti ecological and anti biological artificial radar frequency which is what causes this total harmonic distortion.
      It is time to revolt and it is totally legal to install this in your circuit boxes.
      The perks include that despite its initial price tag cost it quickly pays for itself right away since it lowers “smart” over billing right away and it also puts an immediate end to private data theft by stopping what is yours from being harvested, since there are no longer any pulses and surges to do the harvesting and extraction. Health of course is protected, as well, and best of all, if you go off grid and have the transmission lines severed at the road that removal from the matrix reverses EHS. The frequency neutralizing filter also works for a solar inverter in an off grid system.
      This is a win win.
      Electronics are not that difficult to foil.
      And even wireless prefers energized lines so shut off all but essential circuits in the home if you cannot reduce your own usage dramatically enough to afford to go off grid using solar.
      Especially never turn on the bedroom circuits.
      No I do not sell these, but I do have far more biological energy now since one was installed, and I am no spring chicken, either.

  3. Here is an article about the US Agency for International Development financing smart grid funding for Pakistan, exemplifying that this is all about money. Its just criminal.

    According to the ADB, the first contract worth US$400 million will fund the Power Distribution Enhancement Investment Program aimed at the installation of an advanced metering infrastructure system for power distribution companies across Pakistan.

    Metering & Smart Energy International reported, that the AMI development programme will improve utilities’ load management and reduce non-revenue losses.

    The distribution enhancement program will be carried out in phases, with each phase comprising installation of smart meters, computerised customer billing and information systems of two to three distribution companies in Pakistan’s major cities, and industrial and commercial hubs.

  4. CA says:

    Pity that I am one of the 60 million with smart meters. I have no desire to monitor my electricity use, but do have negative health outcomes related to this technology. Shame on the free country we live in, for failing to give consumers a choice and a voice in their technology future, and for placing us under constant surveillance by government and corporations.

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