Suzanne Somers Warns about ‘Smart’ Meters as a Toxic Threat

by K.T. Weaver, SkyVision Solutions 

Suzanne Somers File PhotoSome fight the aging process, but Suzanne Somers, at 68, celebrates her age, and she has the perspective of having lived a life filled with varied experiences, including that of actress, author, singer, businesswoman and health spokesperson.  Sometimes giving advice to others on how to age gracefully, she recently wrote about her philosophies in her latest book, Tox-Sick, which claims to expose the long-term dangers of living in a world that has become increasingly toxic to our health.  This new book specifically mentions EMF and utility ‘smart’ meters as a toxic threat.

At this website we generally quote medical doctors, Ph.D.s, and published studies when addressing the potential health hazards related to smart meters.  So this article goes a bit beyond our normal content from a technical perspective, but what I felt important was that Suzanne Somers is voicing the same health concerns that many consumers have communicated to their local utility personnel, regulators, and politicians.  Consumers with smart meter concerns are routinely mocked as conspiracy theorists.  As an example of this, please refer to my recent article Elected Official Speaks of ‘Unfounded Worries’ over Smart Meters and Dismisses Concerned Consumers as ‘Charlatans’.  This name calling on the part of smart grid proponents is nothing more than an attempt to marginalize consumers with legitimate concerns.

When someone with the celebrity status of Suzanne Somers speaks against ‘smart’ meters, it gives encouragement to us all.  In short, she is someone who is not easily dismissed as a ‘conspiracy theorist’ or someone who would “fear” new technology, etc.  The concerns are real.  What follows are sentences from the book Tox-Sick that make reference to ‘smart’ meters:

Tox-Sick Book Cover“Have you heard about smart meters?  Well, beware, your electric company is going to come calling and hopefully (from their perspective) you will be another ‘dumb consumer’ and you will allow the meter man inside your property so he can install the new meter.  Smart meters are on twenty-four hours, seven days a week, 365 days a year and collectively add to the massive amounts of electro-smog created by TV, radio, Wi-Fi, and cell-phone and cordless-phone frequencies that are already bombarding and microwaving us.”

“The new smart meter records when you are home, when you are not, and tracks your usage.  An EMF ‘grid’ covers your entire home once a smart meter is installed, emitting electromagnetic frequencies and radiation throughout your home and your body nonstop and with no escape.”

“Utility companies began installing these in 2009.  The new technology allows the energy company to wirelessly transfer customers’ energy use back to the utility company.  EMF frequencies are classified as nonionizing radiation.  So they have been thought to be safe compared to the ionizing radiation that is utilized in atomic bombs and nuclear power plants; however, research is showing that EMFs are now being revealed as biological hazards also.”

“If your neighbor allows for the smart meter to be installed in his home, you will also experience his EMFs radiating into your home.  If, God forbid, your neighbors on both sides have smart meters, you get a double whammy even though you refused to have the smart meter installed.  I can feel your frustration through the pages!”

“You have power with your vote.  Next time it comes up, just say no!  In the meantime, refuse to have a smart meter installed in your home and explain the dangers to your neighbors.  It’s time for communities to have meetings to discuss the dangers of today’s exposures and toxicants.  Working together you can help one another.  Education is power and discussion is how it happens.”

“Unfortunately, [to refuse a smart meter] there will be a small monthly fine (which annoys me), but it’s worth it to eliminate an electromagnetic grid covering your whole house.”

“Elizabeth Plourde, Ph.D., in her book EMF Freedom, says, ‘Having been a health consultant for 15 years, I began hearing health complaints from people in Northern California of migraines, insomnia, heart palpitations, and shortness of breath.  Then in 2011 after they began to install electric SMART meters in Southern California, the same pattern of symptoms emerged: migraines, insomnia, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, as well as itching skin and rashes’.”

“According to renowned cardiologist Dr. Stephen Sinatra, whom you’ll hear from later, ‘EMFs can drive your heart out of rhythm.  SMART meters can cause you to go into atrial fibrillation; plus they’re very toxic and they destroy DNA.  I write letters all the time for patients to get them out of their house, because they’re having problems with their hearts’.”

“Then factor in Wi-Fi, the cordless phone, the cellular phone, the cell-phone towers.  Experts now think EMFs may open up the blood-brain barrier.  We’re being bombarded and we’ve no idea how disastrous that can be to our brains, and to those of our children.  Add to that the crappy food everyone is eating and all the toxins and other irritants in the environment that are going right to our brains.  It’s the perfect storm.”

In addition to the quotes just provided from the book Tox-Sick, Somers recently gave an interview with BULLETPROOF Radio about her new book.  Here are a few quotes plus an audio excerpt from the interview:

Then the last toxic threat that I talk about in my book Tox-Sick is electromagnetic fields.  Most people go, “What’s that?”  Well, for instance in California, when I was a kid, the electric company meter man would show up and he’d ring the doorbell.  “Just here to read the meter.”  “Oh, no problem.  Go do it.”  Well now they are installing new meters called smart meters which eliminates the need for the meter man.

By the way, it also allows them to peek in on you in a way that I find gives me shudders a little bit.  Taking away a little bit of my personal freedom and my right to privacy. They know when you’re home.  They know when your lights are on.  They know etc, etc, but that’s probably the minimal part of EMF.  This smart meter creates like an electromagnetic field over your entire house.  If your neighbor’s got a smart meter that it’s over their house too and it’s emitting over into your house.

Now what does it do?  It interrupts with heart rhythms.  For my husband with his mold which the reason he had the Parkinson’s like grimacing is that the mold had decided to settle into the cerebellum which is the base of the brain and running parallel with the cerebellum is the central nervous system.  And the mold started eating into the central nervous system and that’s what was causing the grimacing of his face.

He’s so detoxed now, we’re 95% better, but you know what triggers it?  When he is in a room that is highly alive with EMF and/or cell phones. …

Anyway, there are many, many ways to combat EMF when they come with a smart meter.  I refused it.  If you refuse it, there’s a fee, a fine that they charge you which, again, gives me shudders, but it’s better than having my heart rhythms interrupted.  It’s better than the effect on my brain with that EMF.  If it’s strong enough to create the facial grimacing, again, of my husband who’s almost cleared the mold out, think of the power of the EMF.

Those are the toxic threats, and I’m sure there are more but that’s all that I was able to pull together in this book, Tox-Sick.

This article has summarized the views of Suzanne Somers on the subject of ‘smart’ meters and that she considers them as a toxic threat.  Let her perspective provide you with additional ammunition as well as encouragement as you continue the fight against ‘smart’ meters and the risks that they impose on us all.  In addition, if Suzanne Somers refused her ‘smart’ meter, why don’t you as well?  It is the truly intelligent thing to do.

Updated Content, April 2016:

Suzanne Somers and Camilla Rees discuss electromagnetic fields and their biological impact:

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4 Responses to Suzanne Somers Warns about ‘Smart’ Meters as a Toxic Threat

  1. kris Sherman says:

    What if you live in a apartment complex with 64 of them all around you? I recently had a lump appear overnight right in the spot where it sits next to my computer tower. Had it removed and it was Malignant Melanoma.. Then I bought a EMF detector and found out I was sitting on top of the wiring to 8 SMART METERS, so double whammy, my computer tower and the wiring at my feet. The tumor grew back and went to my lymph node above it. I have refused the PET scan because of the high radiation, so time will tell my demise.

  2. Raji says:

    This is AWESOME! I have been praying that celebrities come on board with the issue! Suzanne Somers ROCKS! One thing though – if someone can get a message to her to stop saying that it’s “okay to pay a little extra money for the opt out”. We all know – at least those of us who have been on this issue for awhile – that it is NOT okay! We definitely should NOT be paying our utility companies to get to not have something we never wanted in the first place!

    See below link to find out why it is NOT okay!

  3. we need to educate the public on what they are using in their homes and to stop before it is too late of becoming very ill form these wireles devices.

  4. Sarah Mitchell says:

    I am so glad Suzanne Somers is speaking out against smart meters, the dangerous Electromagnetic Microwave Frequency these devices are spewing will without a doubt cause a huge health crisis, that didn’t have to happen.
    Thank You

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