Health Issues

For purposes of this website, health effects associated with radiofrequency (RF) emissions will be divided into three categories:

  • Future credible medical conditions that involve some latency period, such as cancer, but may occur due to chronic RF exposure over time.
  • Current or previously observed adverse effects that include symptoms of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) and other medical conditions for which a direct link to RF exposure is considered likely or probable based upon the clinical judgment of qualified medical practitioners acting in accordance with training, research, and/or experience.  Theoretically, observed effects for this category could result from both thermal and non-thermal mechanisms, depending on the intensity of the exposure.
  • Current or future adverse health effects for which a link to RF exposure is considered plausible or even probable based upon research study results or medical practitioner experience and judgment but which cannot always be determined with sufficient certainty to rule out other causes or confounding factors.  Such adverse effects may occur as a result of cumulative RF exposure over time.  RF exposure may also aggravate other medical conditions or disease.

Articles developed for this website may focus on one or more of the above categories.

In addition to the potential adverse effects associated with RF emissions, the implementation of the smart grid may have an overall negative impact on people’s health due to issues related to consumers, including vulnerable populations, being pressured (through marketing and incentives) to participate in energy control and pricing programs offered by a utility that charge different rates at certain times of the day or require the consumer to reduce energy consumption in order to receive a discounted rate.   This behavior will result in an under-usage of electricity resulting in extremes for the indoor temperatures of affected consumers.  It has been shown that exposure to temperatures outside of a “moderate range” increases the likelihood of hospital emergency department visits, hospitalizations, and premature death.

Refer to the drop-down menu for this “Health Issues” page to read articles on:

  • Cell Phone Exposure:  “It’s Something of Grave Concern”
  • Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS)
  • FCC Exposure Guidelines
  • IARC Monograph Vol. 102, for Non-Ionizing Radiation
  • Nature of the Debate over Health Effects
  • Overall Health Impact of a Smart Meter Deployment
  • Reactionary vs. Precautionary Approach
  • Testimony of Dr. De-Kun Li on Wireless Smart Meter Safety
  • Wi-Fi in Schools?

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