“You Might Have a Base Station on Every House”

Discussing a new generation in telecommunications technology, an Australian news report discusses “5-G,” a new super-fast wireless that may be coming by year 2020.

Cell Tower on BuildingAccording to the news report:

“First there was ‘2G’, then ‘3G’, now Australia is busy rolling out ‘4G’.  But technology companies in South Korea, China and Europe are busy talking the new super fast ‘5G’.  So how is Australia placed in the race for the next telecommunication revolution?”

From the video clip below, you’ll hear the following:

You will literally have hundreds of millions of devices that are going to be connected…”

To handle the flow of data, there’ll be more mobile phone towers, albeit much smaller.”

You might have a base station in effect on every house or on every lamp post.”

[The above video contains material used pursuant to Fair Use Doctrine under 17 U.S.C.]

The video report provides no hint of possible adverse health concerns for our population or for the impact on our environment.  This is a very reckless and naive path where a precautionary approach doesn’t even enter the minds of people driving these technological changes for faster and faster wireless data transfers among more and more devices, such that eventually everything is connected.

Will these “base stations” become mandatory for every home in the world?  Will you will be able to “opt-out”?  …  Only the future will tell.

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