Smart Meter Consumer Awareness Video

What is a smart meter? … Wireless utility meters, sometimes called “Smart Meters,” are being touted as one solution to our energy problems.  However, as with many new technologies utilizing microwave radiation, we are just beginning to understand the serious potential health impacts and other issues associated with smart meters.

Those of us educating the public on the risks associated with smart grid technology should probably prepare more short awareness videos like the one above which could be characterized a “public service announcement.”  No doubt there would be a challenge in getting media outlets to broadcast these PSAs without charge.  The above awareness video was adapted (and enhanced) by SkyVision Solutions from one prepared by GRASSROOTS Environmental Education at:  Permission has been received from GRASSROOTS Environmental Education for use of the adapted video on this website.

About SkyVision Solutions

Raising public awareness and finding solutions for smart grid issues related to invasions of privacy, data security, cyber threats, health and societal impacts, as well as hazards related to radiofrequency (RF) radiation emissions from all wireless devices, including smart meters.
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