SaskPower Smart Meters Catch Fire When It Rains

SaskPower Fire in Regina Nov 2014As reported at this website last month, an independent review in Canada revealed that smart meters are experiencing catastrophic failures when rain water  (and/or condensation along with other contaminants) gets into the smart meters themselves, causing arcing  across electronic components with eventual failure of the meter.

Well, last night it rained in Regina, Saskatch-ewan, and there was another smart meter fire.

SaskPower confirmed crews were  called  to replace yet another failed smart meter on a resident’s home on Regina’s east side early Friday morning.

The fire  started about 1:30 a.m.  The homeowner said she woke up to a banging sound outside her bedroom window.  “I thought it was somebody hitting it with a bat,” said the homeowner.  “I looked out my bedroom and I saw flames, and then I knew what happened.”

SaskPower Fire in Regina Nov 2014.AShe discovered her meter was on fire and said the blaze caused some damage to the exterior of her home and a nearby barbecue cover also caught fire.  She pulled the burning barbecue away from the home and called 911.

A spokesperson for SaskPower says the fire started inside the smart meter, which is the same type of unit linked to at least eight other fires in the province.  Note that at least SaskPower is no longer blaming the “customer wiring” for these meter fires.

Grill Cover 1“Who knows what could have happened with the barbecue cover that was burning, cause I have two propane tanks underneath.  It was a good thing I was home,” said the homeowner.   “I don’t want another one [smart meter] cause it’s very scary.  Especially in the middle of the night when your sleeping and all of sudden you have explosions outside and then flames.”

Regina received rain Thursday night, and although suspected, it could not be immediately confirmed whether the rain was a direct contributor for this specific fire.

SaskPower Fire Regina Nov 2014

In case you are wondering exactly how a “catastrophic meter failure” is defined, watch this short video.

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1 Response to SaskPower Smart Meters Catch Fire When It Rains

  1. Xy says:

    So this swapped meter is an improvement how? She may be clear that she does not want another smart meter. However, the fact is that she has been given an electronic meter, not a plain jane digital display non wireless meter. The one they have given her is fully upgradeable to “smart” in mere seconds. It would seem that it says right on it that it is a Centron C1S meter. It can be upgraded to full on “smart” if an installer introduces upgrade software to it. [Website moderator shortened content of initial comment]

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