“Smart Meter Backlash … Catching on Everywhere”

According to SmartGridNews.com:

“Smart meter backlash is ‘mass hysteria.’  (And it’s catching on everywhere.)”

Sky FallingWell, most of the above headline is correct, except for the “mass hysteria” part.

As one major U.S. utility has admitted, “There is no rational basis for this technology choice.”  So if smart meters are not rational, and there are at least “Nine Reasons Why Today’s Smart Meter Systems Are a [Big] Mistake,” why would anyone characterize a growing movement against smart meters as “mass hysteria” … which implies a mental disorder?

Well, I suppose “they” are worried and need to create the proper industry spin to describe the situation.

Now SmartGridNews.com did report that:

“Is your home’s energy meter spying on you?” screams a headline from FoxNews.com.  It calls smart meters a “Pandora’s box of privacy concerns,” citing concerns from the American Civil Liberties Union.

To be fair, even the U.S. Department of Energy admits that smart meters could “reveal personal details about the lives of consumers, such as their daily schedules (including times when they are at or away from home or asleep), whether their homes are equipped with alarm systems, whether they own expensive electronic equipment such as plasma TVs, and whether they use certain types of medical equipment.”

And according to Fox News, California’s Pacific Gas & Electric Company was required to pay $390,000 to the state’s general fund last year for spying on anti-smart meter activists.

So, … possibly it is the utility executives and the smart meter industry who are beginning to suffer from “mass hysteria,” … and for good reason.

Let’s move forward, taking action, so that the smart meter and smart grid “backlash” continues to “catch on everywhere.”  Of course, this so-called “backlash” is actually about taking back our power and rights as free people.

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