“Searching for a Golden Cage” … A Short Film About EHS

A Film by Nadav Neuhaus

A growing number of people suffer from electromagnetic hypersensitivity, commonly called EHS.  This twelve-minute film focuses on the dilemma faced by these people who feel sick in the presence of the electromagnetic waves that emanate from virtually all modern electronics.

[Updated:  This film was originally available for embedding at this website, but at some point the link was deleted.  To view the film, refer to the new link added below.]

Search for a Golden Cage

Anything from a cell phone tower to a wireless router to a refrigerator can trigger feelings of nausea, dizziness, heart palpitations and even rashes on the skin, according to the World Health Organization.  People who say they suffer from EHS can feel sick merely from the presence of a nearby cell phone.  Prominent figures such as Gro Harlem Brundtland, former chair of WHO and prime minister of Norway, say they are electrosensitive.

Officially, however, the WHO claims that there are no known health consequences for exposure to low-level electromagnetic fields.  Still, doctors such as David Carpenter, director of the University of Albany’s School of Public Health, have argued that more independent studies are needed and that electromagnetic wave exposure should be reduced in our populations as a precaution.

Additionally, as recently written in a blog article by Dariusz Leszczynski, Ph.D., D.Sc.:

“Electromagnetic hypersensitivity must exist.  We do not have yet scientific proof of it because wrong research was, and is, pursued.  However, even without the ultimate scientific proof, the existence of EHS is a simple fact of life.  The only question is what exposure levels are sufficient to trigger EHS.”

“For every radiation type, every chemical, every environmental pollutant there exist sub-populations of people who are more sensitive than others.  This phenomenon, known as individual sensitivity, is encoded in our genetic diversity.  It is a fact that individual sensitivity exists.”

People with more drastic symptoms of EHS have to seek out places far removed from technology.  Green Bank, West Virginia, for instance, is the location of the U.S. Radio Quiet Zone, a 13,000-square-mile area where many types of electromagnetic signals are banned because they could interfere with the world’s largest steerable radio telescope.  It’s become the home of many who have essentially abandoned the modern world.  With Wi-Fi, smart meters, and cell phone coverage spreading further all the time, it is becoming more and more difficult for electrosensitive people to find a place of refuge.

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3 Responses to “Searching for a Golden Cage” … A Short Film About EHS

  1. stopsmartmeterswi says:

    Radiofrequency Sickness comes from overexposure of an individual’s genetics and biology to radiofrequency radiation. One thing to keep in mind is that before wireless expanded into the environment, people with RF Sickness could deal with it and have safe places to live. For example, home wiring errors and dirty electricity issues could be corrected. Wireless has made it nearly impossible for homeowners to deal with the problem.

    The U.S government is further proliferating all things digitally wireless. The new FirstNet system is meant to penetrate every inch of the country. It is to connect emergency responders nationwide and law enforcement, and will likely also spew wireless broadband as a “service” to all. Emergency responders will suffer, as will nature and every living creature and person. You see, people that feel what the RF is doing to their bodies are not alone: every person is biologically damaged based on individual weaknesses or tolerances. People that feel nothing will instead fall over with heart failures, premature deaths for mysterious reasons, neurological diseases, memory loss, autism, and all of these at younger ages. RF is an EQUAL OPPORTUNITY KILLER.

  2. stopsmartmeterswi says:

    First, thanks for covering this. I have learned that the truth is more nuanced than this, in that there are power quality issues (big telescope uses lots of power) and wifi in homes and businesses that do not affect the telescope operation but impact people who have Radiofrequency Sickness. Some people have moved there and had to leave again. It is easy for society to just say, go to Green Bank, to not have to deal compassionately with them. But you know that at least 3% of the population (and growing) has RF (or Microwave) Sickness. Figure 3% of the U.S. population, and even if G.B. were THE PLACE to go, there would not be enough room for all.

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