Naperville Budget Workshop Discussions, March 23, 2015

Below is a short video regarding the Naperville City Council Budget Workshop held on March 23, 2015.  There is discussion regarding:

  • A proposed $150,000 rate study;
  • The status of the Lowfoot project where 100 City customers tested a new e-portal type product (after the failure of the Calico contract which resulted in no usable product).

Noteworthy quotes:

  • The smart metering provides just an insurmountable amount of information.”  Well, if that is the case, why continue to collect it?
  • “The residents really enjoyed tracking the ‘weekly’ usage,” yet only 4 people showed up to talk about the project at an “open house,” and 33 responded to an online survey about their experience.  Yes, it sounds like people were really excited.

Relevant Links for Archival Purposes

“Naperville OKs free test of electric management system,” at

“Naperville to collect $675,000 in smart meter settlement,” at

1 Response to Naperville Budget Workshop Discussions, March 23, 2015

  1. Just more wasted money by a bunch of incompetents and padding their buddies with more of our tax dollars now called electric rate increases.

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