Agenda 21 Likely Leads to Extinction of the “Middle Class” and Demise of the “American Dream”

by K.T. Weaver, SkyVision Solutions, Originally Published September 2013,  Updated January 2021

[Note:  This page was initially posted during the Obama administration which fully supported globalist initiatives.  There was a bit of a hiatus during the Trump administration, but now that the Biden administration is taking power, I fully expect the themes discussed on this website page to move forward on “steroids.”]

United Nations Agenda 21 is a real “agenda” to transform the world as we know it.  Some say it is a conspiracy theory, or that the United States does not officially support Agenda 21.  Sometimes Agenda 21 will be referred to as “Sustainable Development,”  “Sustainability” or abbreviated as SD21.  To dispel any doubts about our government’s active participation and support of Agenda 21, listen and watch as your own US House of Representatives passed House Resolution 353.

There are those individuals in government and non-governmental organizations who strive for a “sustainable” future world vision that includes “peace, human well-being, inter and intra-generational equity, participation, and respect and maintenance of natural systems.”  Unfortunately, the means to reach this future state would likely result in the extinction of the Middle Class and the demise of the American Dream.  It is a situation whereby central planners are engaged on a mission where “the end justifies the means.”  In their view, as it currently exists, the traditional Middle Class lifestyle is simply “not sustainable.”  This lifestyle requires consumption at levels considered unfair to the rest of the world.

The moderator for this website has considerable documentation to support the above assertions, and additional information will be added to this website’s content as time permits.  Just as an example, listen to the very short audio clip of an individual speaking at a United Nations meeting about middle class type people living in developed countries:

Regardless of motives, it is fairly easy to demonstrate that current governmental policies and the inherent philosophy of our current leadership could have no other result than lead to the eventual extinction of the suburban Middle Class and the demise of the American Dream.

The concept of “Middle Class” and the “American Dream” can have different meanings to different people, so just to be clear, as used on this website:  The Middle Class represents the foundation of the American economy and way of life that consists of those individuals and households which have attained a “comfortable” lifestyle.  This lifestyle revolves around the concept of the American Dream which itself consists of a life or vision of life where, through hard work, one can attain the prosperity of owning a home in a good neighborhood, sending children to a good school, owning or leasing a car or two, and saving for retirement.

The American Dream as it currently exists has been dependent on relatively cheap energy to heat and cool our homes and fuel our cars.  If the average American could no longer afford to pay his or her monthly energy bills or buy gasoline for the family automobile, what would happen? … Well, essentially the Middle Class would basically fade away since it would no longer have the money to pay monthly bills and live a comfortable lifestyle.

On electricity rates, why would your President want your electricity rates to skyrocket?   [Hint:  Agenda 21.]

[Above video clip contains material used pursuant to Fair Use Doctrine under 17 U.S.C.]

On gasoline prices, why would the US Secretary of Energy want “to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels of Europe,” as reported to the Wall Street Journal?  Why would your President, when asked if we need higher gas prices, respond as follows, “I would have preferred a gradual adjustment.”?  [Hint:  Agenda 21]

[Above video clip contains material used pursuant to Fair Use Doctrine under 17 U.S.C.]

The demise of the American Dream will largely be made possible through intentional “skyrocketing” of electricity rates and the “boosting” of gasoline prices which will eventually make it impossible for the Middle Class to survive.  Installation of utility smart meters which enables implementation of Time-of-Use rates will support these objectives.  The Middle Class will simply no longer have the money to pay their monthly bills and live a comfortable lifestyle.  The hope of central planners is that over time this will force people to move to more densely populated urban settlements to live in smaller homes without automobiles.  In the minds of the technocrats, although there are some differences among their individual viewpoints,  one competing political perspective is that the future state of the world should be one in which there would no longer be single family homes, private property ownership, or automobiles.

The video clip provided below illustrates how our country is headed on the wrong path, a path towards Agenda 21 and a path that depends on governmental central planners, rationed high-priced energy, and fewer available jobs.  It is a path that would lead to a land where there would be no Middle Class and no American Dream.  Period.

If I wanted America to Fail,

In addition to what you already seen as a part of this webpage, reading the quotations that follow should provide additional valuable insight to understanding how the Middle Class and the American Dream are being threatened by those seeking “sustainability.”

From United Nation Agenda 21 Preamble:  “The developmental and environmental objectives of Agenda 21 will require a substantial flow of new and additional financial resources to developing countries.”

United Nations Agenda 21 Principle #8:  “To achieve sustainable development …, States should reduce and eliminate unsustainable patterns of production and consumption…”

Noteworthy Quotations:

Middle Class Lifestyle.Page

Audio for Barack Obama from May 2008:

All citizens who value freedom, liberty, and the American Dream should learn more about Agenda 21 and should oppose any and all actions or mechanisms which support its implementation.  This includes not voting for politicians who support Agenda 21 or other similarly named agendas such as Sustainability.  The American Dream’s survival and our way of life depends on your active participation.

Finally, in this time where America is clearly on the wrong path, we need a more optimistic tone of what might be possible again for our country.  Not wanting to necessarily endorse a promo for someone’s new book, the following video is offered of what might be possible with the right leadership.

3 Responses to Agenda 21 Likely Leads to Extinction of the “Middle Class” and Demise of the “American Dream”

  1. David Higgins says:

    I notice that agenda 21 does not include the “upper classes” in this uttopian dream of slavery and living in uncomfortable shoe boxes,
    Ehy should it not be for them too, thus sounds like hitlers dream for empire Germany or European Union superstate. Minions work til you drop, live in squalor whilst we gain wealth from your slavery conditionds. I believe the french revolution was the first reply to this.

  2. roberta4949 says:

    The usa should take the leading role, humm, sounds like he means the usa should pay for it all. this is just sugar coating for more theft and bribery payouts. I guess if a group of people calling themselves gov get together and enough of them agree to something I guess that means it is binding on us as well, of course if a band of theives decides among themselves that the society where they live (thus a consensus has been reached.) the people will have to pay protection, errr I mean donate money to their cause of ‘if you don’t pay we break your legs.’

    • It is certainly true that poorer countries think we should pay for their development because the USA supposedly robbed the Earth of its resources in a disproportionate manner relative to our population. Now it is time for us to dramatically decrease consumption and pay for our egregious behavior. I talk about this on another webpage: which is very revealing if you haven’t seen it. Listen to the audio clip in particular. As far as USA politicians, many are less obvious in their public statements on what is planned, but their actions speak volumes. That said, Barack Obama’s off-prompter remarks are sometimes quite revealing. Additional content has been added to the webpage.

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