Utilities Remove Burned Smart Meter Evidence from Fire Scenes

NV Smart Meter Fire PhotoWe’ve had anecdotal evidence for quite some time that utility companies remove burned smart meters from fire scenes before fire investigators can determine the source of home or business electrical fires.  This was more officially reported this past March when “Quebec City firefighters asked Hydro-Québec to leave smart meters alone.”

Quebec City’s fire department says Hydro-Québec has been too quick to remove smart meters from the scenes of fires where faulty wiring may be an issue.  “A fire is considered a crime scene and at a crime scene evidence should be left alone,” said France Voiselle, a department spokeswoman.

Also based upon reporting of the Reno-Gazette Journal in September 2014:

“… an electrician who helps NV Energy replace the meters told the Reno Gazette-Journal that often meters would be fixed before the fire department could even be called.  The RGJ has withheld his name because he continues to do work for NV Energy and didn’t want to put his employment at risk.”

“NV Energy was so quick in having me or one of the other guys out there that the fire department never knew about them,” he said. “We’d have the panel changed out and power turned on within five hours and a guy painting the wall right behind us.”

Norman Lambe, a Property Claims Adjuster in Southern California, has also reported this phenomenon of utilities removing burned smart meters from fire scenes before investigators or insurance company claim adjusters have had an opportunity to examine the meters to determine if they are the cause of the fire.

According to an article by Norm Lambe in March 2014:

“My interest was first turned to the problem of Smart Meter fires because of my work as a Property Claims Adjuster here in Southern California.  As the Smart Meter roll out took place throughout Southern California, I began to see more and more situations where if the Smart Meter had not been installed, the fire would most likely not have taken place.”

Now in July 2015, Lambe again writes:

“When a fire associated with the malfunctioning of a smart meter is reported to the insurance company, the Claims Adjuster will inspect the damage, and attempt to determine what caused the fire.  The Adjuster will then continue the program of the evaluation of the loss and payment of the claim.”

“While the steps outlined take place, the insurance company is also interested in determining the cause of the fire, and if it is due to someone’s negligence or manufacturer’s defect.  The insurance company will begin subrogation efforts to recover the insured’s deductible, as well as the amount the company paid for the repair.”

“Part of the problem I face as a Claims Adjuster and other Adjusters are dealing with, is that when the fire department receives the notice of a fire, one of their first duties is to notify the local public utilities to shut off the utilities, preventing the further spread of the fire.  When the local electrical utility arrives and determines that a smart meter is the issue, they have been removing the meter, and preventing the inspection of the meter by the experts the insurance company will hire to determine who is responsible for the fire.”

“In June of 2015, two black outs occurred in busy Las Vegas Nevada restaurants, believed to be caused by smart meter failures.  Nevada Energy has removed the meters and as of this day the meters have still not been examined, although the claims are in the process of loss evaluation and will be paid by the insurance company.  However, the real issue as to why all the meters are failing is not being dealt with.”

“This is a serious situation, as the utility company, upon removal of the meter is tampering with what is evidence concerning the cause of the fire…”

This website has established why smart meters increase the risk of fires as compared to analog meters and has reported countless incidents of where smart meters were directly involved in fires or the likely cause of fires at homes or businesses.  Yet the utility companies and smart meter manufacturers often deny any fires have been caused by smart meters whatsoever.  As reported in this article, one way they can attempt to deny the fires is to apparently cover up the fires and remove evidence from the fire scenes prior to investigators seeing it.

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Note/ Update:  Unfortunately the website of examiner.com discontinued operations in July 2016 and therefore two hyperlinked articles of Norm Lambe are no longer available above.  A search at web.archive.org revealed that many (but not all) of Lambe’s articles can still be retrieved.

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1 Response to Utilities Remove Burned Smart Meter Evidence from Fire Scenes

  1. Warren says:

    “NV Energy was so quick in having me or one of the other guys out there that the fire department never knew about them,” he said.

    I have received a report of that same thing happening here in Arizona. It was reported to me that the electric utility, APS, was there to replace the meter quicker than anyone else. The meter was on a pole in front of a manufactured home so there was no damage to any structure and it was a quick (and stealthy) fix.

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