Updated: Homeowner’s Vivid Account of Smart Meter Explosion in Ontario plus Initial Government Reaction

Ball of Fire ImageEarlier this week, we reported on a ‘Ball of Fire’ from a Smart Meter Explosion at a home in Ontario, Canada.

Veronica Onyskiw was interviewed on Talk Radio AM 640 in Toronto yesterday regarding the smart meter explosion that resulted in what she refers to as a “huge ball of fire” emanating from the side of her home.

The first eight minutes of the audio/video provided below is for the interview of Veronica Onyskiw.  The remainder of the clip deals with other callers to the radio program on the subject of exploding smart meters.

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Quotes from Veronica Onyskiw:

I looked out the back window in time to see the reflection of this huge ball of fire; it lit up the back garage, the entire back yard, and I could see red sparks reflected in the glass windows of the garage. …  I was terrified.”

“What is this?  What happened [Veronica said to the fire department responders]?  They said it’s your hydro meter.  He said you have a smart meter.”

“This is a very real and a very serious problem. … I think it requires a full government investigation.  We all have these things attached to our homes.”

If our house had been a wooden structure and not a brick structure, the fire captain told us our house would be gone and we wouldn’t be aliveNow that’s a pretty serious fire risk in my opinion.”

“None of us were asked our permission to have these things put in.”

Follow-up News Story on June 5th from  the Collingwood Enterprise Bulletin

Exploding smart meter heats up Queen’s Park

An exploding smart meter prompted a grilling of Ontario Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli Thursday in the Ontario legislature.

Energy Minister File PhotoProgressive Conservative MPP John Yakabuski questioned the safety of the devices after one charred the outside of a brick home this past Sunday.

“If a smart meter in Collingwood could catch fire and explode despite your assurances, how do we know there are not tens of thousands more just like it in the province of Ontario, waiting to go off?” Yakabuski said during Question Period.

Yakabuski said smart meters, which were installed on homes across the province at the order of the Ontario government, have failed to produce the promised savings through time-of-use electricity pricing.

“Now we learn that these devices may burn without warning and burn a ratepayer’s house down,” he said, demanding to know the government’s plan of action in response to the incident.

Smart Meter Remarks by Ontario Premier on June 6, 2015

In response to a question from the Enterprise-Bulletin following her keynote remarks at the 2015 Ontario Liberal Annual General Meeting held Saturday at Blue Mountain Resort:

Pemier Wynne PhotoOntario Premier Kathleen Wynne says that if there turn out to be any “systemic” concerns with smart meters following the Collingwood smart meter fire the government will address them.

“I don’t know the technical problems there but they will do a review and we will get that information back and you know if there’s anything systemic about what happened there then we will look at it, but I just don’t have enough information to comment on it at this point,” she added.


This past week there has been some good questioning by the media and politicians on the safety of smart meters as a result of the well-reported smart meter explosion.  It remains to be seen whether this triggers an objective review the smart meter program in Ontario or if the issue just gets “swept under the rug.”

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1 Response to Updated: Homeowner’s Vivid Account of Smart Meter Explosion in Ontario plus Initial Government Reaction

  1. Xy says:

    How many have already been victimized or about to be harmed by this disastrous deployment of “smart” (for whom?) commercial wireless radar technology deployed by force on private homes?
    How many are aware that the utilities and those elected and appointed to office are actually personally liable for all of the fall out from smart meters?
    What is it going to take? How many explosions, fires, illnesses will have to happen for you who are the targets of fatal government policies to turn the tables and go after those in power, those who are liable, to act to defend your homes and lives, instead of letting them continue to come after you to destroy your health, home, happiness, loved ones, all your assets?
    These utilities are violating the terms of contract law by installing on your private property uninsurable commercial wireless transceiver devices designed to rip you off until you go broke.
    The smart meter is the Ford Pinto of electronics. The corporate utilities calculate how many deaths and lawsuits they can afford while they keep this travesty going.
    So instead doncha figure its time to go after them, by using what has already been proven works, correct application of contract law using notices of demand, liability, negative averment? Use the right process. It is being offered for free for use anywhere. So use what is offered by the TAKE BACK YOUR POWER people who have devised the way to skewer those responsible for all of this, to go after them as people with names and faces, to stop them before they destroy your kith, kinder and home.


    [Website moderator shortened this comment as it was judged overly long]…

    This smart meter market bubble is Enron Part Two, run by vested corporate interests lobbying to ruin the lives and loves of a largely somnambulist public, … including those who only rouse themselves to play the victim car, to misinform anyone who will listen, to tell them there is nothing anyone can do because government is all powerful, an excuse some use to avoid doing anything constructive. Don’t settle for government negligence and malfeasance. Don’t allow them or utility’s to lie to you and put you in harm’s way. Don’t become a useful “thing” in the IoT Internet of Things. You DO have a choice. See the liability link above. Use it or lose it.

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