The Rise of the Technocrats and Can They Be Stopped

Technocracy Rising CoverIntroduction

Many people question the wisdom of having a risky “smart grid” being imposed upon them and then ask, “Why?  Why would people in authority ignore the tremendous risks associated with this technology?”  To fully answer this question, it first helps to gain a better awareness of how the “smart grid” fits into the larger picture of a troublesome transformation that is occurring within our society.  Although the signs of this transformation are evident, its careful orchestration is being carried out “under the radar” by people who should properly be characterized as “Technocrats.”

Technocrats are individuals who firmly believe that societal problems can and must be solved using technology-focused solutions.  Some of these individuals are quite extreme in their beliefs and favor a form of government, a technocracy, which would represent a scientific dictatorship.  In this technocracy, the current price-based economic system would be replaced with one based upon the control of energy distribution and consumption.  Such a world would be one where “Technocrats” know best and impose their esoteric idealized view of society upon the human race.  Technologically based corporations and professional organizations are seen as enablers of this societal transformation.

New Book on the Rise of Technocracy

Patrick M. Wood has just written a new book called, Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation, where he “connects the dots on the largest, most insidious and most wrenching transformation of global society that the earth has ever experienced.”

What follows is primarily a summary of information contained in Wood’s new book, compiled from a combination of selected quotations of the book itself and from press kit information available as part of the book’s promotion.

As stated by Wood in the Introduction to the newly published book:

“My premise is that when [the Trilateral Commission] was founded in 1973, [it] quietly adopted a modified version of historic Technocracy to craft what it called a ‘New International Economic Order’.  This has been largely unrecognized even to this day.  With the combined weight of the most powerful global elite behind it, Technocracy has flourished in the modern world and has perhaps reached the tipping point of no return.  This book will explain Technocracy in detail, demonstrate the methodology that has been used to implement it, document the control over power centers that allowed the methodology to be used, and most importantly, expose the perpetrators who are responsible for it.”

United Nations Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development

Agenda 21 is Technocracy’s plan for the 21st century.  The agent of implementation is Sustainable Development.  The driver is the United Nations.  The perpetrators are members of the Trilateral Commission and their globalist cronies.  The victims are all the peoples of the world.” [emphasis added]

The Green Economy

The Trilateral’s New International Economic Order, based on historic Technocracy, is using Sustainable Development and United Nations Agenda 21 to create a new, post-capitalist “green economy” that is based on energy production and consumption.

The “green economy” is the heartbeat of Technocracy – the United Nations defines it as a “decoupling of resource use from economic growth,” which is actually an oxymoron, but is what is happening.  Principles of Sustainable Development take precedence over traditional economic and political policies.

The Smart Grid and the IEEE

Two key requirements for Technocracy as first outlined in the 1930s were:

  1. “Register on a continuous 24 hour per-day basis the total net conversion of energy” and
  2. “By means of the registration of energy converted and consumed, make possible a balanced load.”

The above requirements were technologically out of reach in the 1930s, but now with the advent of wireless technologies and smart meters, the Technocrat’s dream is finally capable of being realized.

“Proponents of Smart Grid have claimed that it will empower the consumer to better manage his or her power consumption and hence, costs.  The utility companies will therefore be more efficient in balancing power loads and requirements across diverse markets.  However, like carnival barkers, these Smart Grid hucksters never revealed where or how Smart Grid came into being, nor what the ultimate endgame might be.”

“The reader should again note that the reasons for the existence of the Technocracy movement in the 1930s are the same reasons given today:  energy efficiency, load balancing, fairness, alleviating poverty and hunger, etc.  The feigned concern for those in poverty and hunger in the underdeveloped nations is hollow.  Technocracy is pointedly amoral in its practice: the means (their Scientific Method/ process) justifies the end, whatever the end might turn out to be.”

“The global energy network, or Smart Grid, will operate according to universally accepted engineering standards that make data and energy flows compatible with each other.  Who will supply such standards?  The venerable Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, or IEEE.”

“As it states on its Smart Grid website, the IEEE has staked its claim, in clear language, on the global energy initiative:

There’s no global organization to oversee all nations’ energy systems transformations, it is a vast movement and it’s in its infancy.  With our 38 societies and seven councils IEEE is positioned to lead the smart grid initiative.’”

“The IEEE Student Branch at Northern Illinois University notes on their web site that the ‘IEEE has managed to bring technocrats from all over the world on a single platform.’  Indeed.”

“Whenever concerns are raised as to motive and agenda [of the Smart Grid], criticism is deflected with the ‘It’s good for the consumer!’ mantra.  It is claimed that they are helping to lower energy costs, giving more options to consumers and more fairly distributing limited resources for economic progress.  Perhaps technocrats believe this themselves, but I don’t and neither should you.”

“[T]he completion and activation of Smart Grid will all but guarantee the full and immediate implementation of Technocracy.”

It is noteworthy that the IEEE promotes exponential use of wireless radiofrequency (RF) emitting technologies that have not been demonstrated as safe for the public from a health perspective.  As the IEEE can now be recognized as a principal enabler in the transformation to a Technocracy, the indiscriminate promotion and use of wireless technologies for such devices as smart meters and other “smart” products should no longer surprise people.

A Total Surveillance Society

Another specific requirement of early Technocracy was to “Provide specific registration of the consumption of each individual, plus a record and description of the individual.”

A “scientific society” cannot be run without comprehensive monitoring and control.

As stated in Wood’s book, “Every engineer knows that you cannot control what you cannot monitor and measure.” [emphasis added]

Attacking the Pillars of Our Society

Our society is under attack by the Technocrats:

“It has … been stated that society rests on three identical pillars:  Economics, Politics and Religion.  To the extent that they are compatible with each other, a society will prosper.  Likewise, society will falter to the extent of disharmony or outright removal of one or more pillars.  In America, all three areas are under attack at the same time.  It is therefore no wonder that society is straining at the seams, or that it seems so different today compared to 40 years ago.

–  Our existing price-based economic system is being reinvented with new and untested ‘green’ economic theories that decouple resource use from economic growth.

–  Our political system of Constitutional Rule of Law is being replaced by a system of autocratic regulations, created and enforced by unelected and unaccountable Technocrats.

–  Our moral system of Judeo-Christian ethics has been consistently excluded from government, with a seemingly impenetrable barrier placed between church and state and is being replaced with a humanistic religion based on Scientism.”

Reinventing Government

To facilitate the new “green economy,” it is necessary to transform government to be compatible.  This was started by Trilaterals Bill Clinton and Al Gore with their “Reinventing Government” initiative during the 1990s. 

“In America, government has traditionally been based on geographical boundaries.  A city has ‘city limits’, a county has a ‘county line’ and a state has borders.  Within those geographical limits, the citizens exercise political autonomy to create whatever kind of life they want to enjoy, and each grouping of citizens must determine how to best run its own infrastructure, education, health care, social services, etc.  Technocracy turns this concept on its head by dissolving sovereign borders while calling for a system of governance based on Functional Sequence that removes a segment of responsibility from the lower political entity and awards it to a higher level.”

Modern examples of the Technocrat’s “Functional Sequences” include  health care (Obamacare), control over water (Army Corps of Engineers), land (Councils of Governments), agricultural practices (Bureau of Land Management), education (Common Core), energy (Department of Energy, Smart Grid), transportation (Metropolitan Planning Organizations), emergency management (FEMA) and so on.

 Transforming Religion

“John Adams, a signer of the Declaration of Independence and the second President of the U.S., declared,

We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. . . . Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.  It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.’”

“Having a Constitution that was originally based on principles of Biblical Christianity, it is therefore no wonder that respect for the Constitution has slipped in direct proportion to respect of Christianity.”

“Technocracy [is] thoroughly anti-Christian and completely intolerant of Biblical thought.”

“[T]he global elite … are implementing a coordinated system of Technocracy … intensely interested in promoting a system of sustainable religion based on Humanism alongside the economic and governance system and thus completing their strategy for a transformed and sustainable global society.”

Taking Action and Conclusions

Quoting from the Wood’s book:

“This may seem harsh to some, but Americans need to face the hard facts of reality.  We find ourselves in our current situation because our enemies have had a clearly superior strategy from the start while we – the people – have had no coherent strategy at all.  We have lost battle after battle and are almost to the point of losing the war altogether.

We can work this dilemma backward by calling on General Sun Tzu (circa 500BC), the noted Chinese military strategist and philosopher.  Tzu wrote The Art of War, a simple book that has been used by military strategists ever since, including those from the United States.  Chapter Three states, in part,

If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.  If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat.  If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.’”

If we choose to ignore and do nothing about Technocracy and its perpetrators, it is most certain that it will sweep over the entire world like a giant tsunami, pressing all of mankind into a scientific dictatorship that is devoid of any human capacity for things like compassion, mercy, justice, freedom and liberty.” [emphasis added]

Wood in his book includes some tips on how to take action and fight the perpetrators of Technocracy.  To fully repeat them here would go beyond the “fair use” quotations provided to the reader in this article.  This article was primarily aimed at raising awareness to Technocracy as an imminent threat to our society and how it relates to the Smart Grid.  In general, people must first know the enemy and their intentions before being able to properly develop a strategy.  Wood mentions that you must fight the enemy where you find them and emphasizes that this fight should be waged in a peaceful manner, i.e., not inflicting “bodily harm of any kind.”

When America was attacked at Pearl Harbor, we knew our enemy.  In the current situation, people sense things are falling apart but typically blame an off-the-mark enemy, like “big government” or the opposite political party from their own.  The enemy in this instance consists of the members of the Trilateral Commission, their cronies, the thousands of seemingly unaccountable Technocrats who exist at all levels of government, within corporations, and as members of professional organizations like the IEEE.

Learn to identify and oppose Technocrats at the local level.  If a local official promotes or works with an agency of the United Nations or an affiliated non-governmental organization, chances are the person is a Technocrat whether he or she admits it or not.  If a person creates or enforces regulations or policies that are not subject to legislative, judicial or public approval, then you are likely dealing with a Technocrat.

Wood mentions that Technocrats at the national or international level are more hardened in their beliefs and more skilled at dodging the issues, etc.  At the local level, a Technocrat may not have experienced organized resistance and may be more vulnerable to informed opposition.  In some cases, successful opposition might be as simple as making clear to elected officials that not acting in the public’s best interests may result in a political backlash and being voted out of office.  Patrick Wood’s book includes a section called, “How to Get a Technocrat Fired,” which provides a discussion of more aggressive actions that might be taken, some of which would involve the services of an attorney.

Modern day Technocracy is in fact the fruition of the worst fears of writers like Aldous Huxley for Brave New World and George Orwell for Nineteen Eighty Four.  Both books had differing visions of technocratic control where people’s lives were managed in every detail. 

In his book, Wood provides the perspective that “all hope is not lost, but it is quickly fading” in terms of halting the global transformation of America and other freedom loving countries.  But he states that “Americans rejected Technocracy in the 1930s, and if we choose to, we can reject it today as well.”

In terms of fighting smart meters, activists and consumers oppose them for a variety of reasons, citing health, privacy, cyber threats, fire safety, and other concerns.  What might be needed is a more full awareness that fighting the smart grid actually dovetails with a broader fight to preserve our personal liberties and the basic underpinnings of our society.  We all need to do our part in this endeavor.   As Patrick Wood concludes, “perhaps we will find ways to stop the destruction of liberty, and soon.  If not us, then who?  If not now, then when?


SkyVision Solutions agrees with Wood’s perspective that tremendous damage is being perpetrated against America and other countries under the guise of sustainable development, “green economy” initiatives, and United Nations Agenda 21.  There are also those who promote “technological innovation” at all costs due to “the need to rapidly increase living standards and quality of life.”  The people perpetrating these agendas can be properly called “technocrats.”  SkyVision Solutions, however, perceives less direct linkage of these technocratic efforts to the Trilateral Commission than portrayed by Patrick Wood.  The global transformation to Technocracy is underway and even if it did somehow have origins with the Trilateral Commission, its scope has clearly expanded well beyond it.  What is important at this juncture is that Technocrats be identified wherever they currently exist and that they are vigorously opposed and defeated.

Source Material for this Article

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Technocracy Rising website at:

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