Dr. Karl Maret Discusses Smart Meter Potential Health Effects

Sources of RF RadiationOn January 28, 2014, Dr. Karl Maret gave a presentation at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco, California on the potential biological and adverse health effects from the radiofrequency radiation emitted by “smart meters” and other wireless devices.

Dr. Maret is an engineer, physician, former researcher in the Canadian Armed Forces and expert in electromagnetic fields.  He is President of Dove Health Alliance in Aptos, CA and Senior Research Fellow at the National Institute for Science, Law & Public Policy in Washington, D.C.

As stated by Dr. Maret:

“What this debate is about scientifically right now is whether long-term low-level emissions such as those from smart meters are actually causing a health effect.  We know they cause a biological effect.”

“Here’s the big issue.  When smart meters were rolled out there weren’t any scientific studies done by the industry, and I  think that is a grave absence of social responsibility.  Before you put a microwave transmitter on your house no matter how powerful or how weak, you need to do scientific studies before you subject the population to that.  This is an epidemiological experiment of tremendous proportions and we are all the guinea pigs.”

To include a bit of interpretation for Dr. Maret’s informative presentation, he appears to acknowledge that short-term biological effects occur due to exposure to very low-level RF emissions but then states that it is uncertain as to whether those types of exposures over time can cause long-term adverse effects such as cancer.  Hence the need for the precautionary principle.  “We need more data but we have to presume there is going to be an [adverse] effect.”


After Dr. Maret’s presentation, there was a panel discussion where Dr. Maret answered a question about whether there was a safe distance from a smart meter.  . . .

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Some of the slides included in Dr. Maret’s presentation are provided below.

Maret_Symptoms Near Cell TowersMaret_iPhone vs Smart MeterMaret_iPhone vs Smart Meter IndoorsMaret_Smart Meters IndoorsMaret_Living with HANMaret_Effects of Pulsed RFMaret_Comparison of Exposure Guidelines

For the complete set of slides used for Dr. Maret’s presentation, download from the following link:  Maret Slides for January 2014 Presentation

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7 Responses to Dr. Karl Maret Discusses Smart Meter Potential Health Effects

  1. Dariusz says:

    I stopped listening to this guy when he makes claims about BBB leakage. … Studies which adjust for temperature don’t show any BBB changes. Even he denies himself from his presentation where he says, “The current scientific debate is centered on whether long-term low level (non-thermal) exposure can evoke biological responses and influence people’s well-being.” [Website editor combined essential content from 3 separate comments and which WordPress.com had initially identified as spam.]

  2. http://www.wusa9.com/video/2176584039001/1/Smart-Meters-May-Emit-Radiation-More-Frequently-than-Pepco-Admits

    Washington, DC PEPCO Smart Meter Going Haywire – (Measured by Trifield Meter on 2/16/12) 2nd of two videos, http://vimeo.com/36960439

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  5. ewindheim says:

    I am going to share parts of this with the SMUD Board of Directors here in Sacramento.

    Lots of very good facts that only an ostrich can ignore.

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