“Mobilize” – A Film About Cell Phone Radiation

Mobilize is an investigative documentary that explores the potential long-term health effects from cell phone radiation including brain cancer and infertility.  This thought-provoking film examines the most recent scientific research and the challenges politicians face trying to pass cell phone safety legislation.  Through interviews with expert researchers, major mobile associates, and prominent politicians, “Mobilize” presents a balanced and insightful observation about this unspoken health issue.

​Filmed over four years and edited together from over 2,000 hours of footage, “Mobilize” features interviews with individuals from the following organizations and universities: Apple Inc., the World Health Organization, the International Agency for Research on Cancer, the National Cancer Institute, the Cellular Telecommunications Internet Association, Yale University , Harvard University, USC, UCSF, UC Berkeley, and Virgin Mobile.  The documentary also includes personal accounts from brain tumor patients and activists who urge people to get educated and answer the call.

Originally to be named “Disconnect,” below is the trailer for the now completed film.

Official Release Date:  October 14th, 2014.  Filmmaker Kevin Kunze’s new documentary Mobilize is his latest film providing very convincing evidence that cell phones are causing negative impacts on people’s health.




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