“Microwaves, Science and Lies” Film

Nancy and JeanWith their documentary “Ondes, Science et Manigances” [or “Microwaves, Science and Lies”], the journalist Nancy Meritens and film director Jean Hèches show how the mobile industry creates doubt about harmful radiofrequency waves through the manipulation of science.

Faced with the construction of a telephone relay antenna in front of their homes and anxious to know if they were at risk for their health, these two people have traveled Europe to understand the environmental issues presented by this technology.

Through interviews with several whistleblowers, including citizens, journalists, and scientists, this film reveals how, like the tobacco industry, the lobby of the mobile phone industry has built a strategy of “product defense” by artificially creating a scientific doubt about the harmful effects of electromagnetic waves.  In addition to revealing corruption within various organizations including the World Health Organization, the film documents the actions of specific individuals like Peter Valberg who works for the product defense firm Gradient.

Valberg Screen Capture

The film has implications far beyond the cellular phone, cell tower, and microwave radar technology that it primarily addresses.  Once people on a wider scale begin to understand that their cell phones are not as safe as they thought and that information on the hazards of such technology is effectively being suppressed, people will begin to more easily question the safety of radiofrequency emissions from other technologies such as Wi-Fi and smart meters.

The film itself is very supportive of the plight of electrosensitives in a society where our environment is increasingly being saturated with RF waves.

SkyVision Solutions believes that the message of the new film “Microwaves, Science, and Lies” will complement and reinforce the message conveyed by the documentary film produced by Josh del Sol, “Take Back Your Power.”

The documentary film (92 minutes in duration) was initially made in French but was quickly followed with an English version as well.

The English version of the film can be rented online through Vimeo at:  http://vimeo.com/ondemand/17755/89417454, and the official trailer is shown below.

So far, the film has primarily enjoyed a European audience, and few DVDs exist in the proper NTSC format suitable for North American viewing.

Bonus materials for the documentary film DVD include the clip provided below.

For a somewhat more expanded blog article about the documentary film, visit the following link:


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